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Patience is a virtue…

I often say this to my children but too frequently I loose mine.  So this year I resolve to have more patience with my children, husband, community and the world at large.  When I feel things are moving too slowly or moving in the all together wrong direction I resolve to be less reactive and more reflective. I will work to find new ways to bring people together to solve problems rather than tear them down. And when I fail (and I know I will) I resolve to ask forgiveness quickly and fully.  That is what I expect of my children and that is what I should expect of myself. 

Love/love reading about your focus on giving of time and love…to make the world a better place!

I just shared your website url…with my 32,000+ LinkedIn readers.

Ernest F. Oriente

President of PowerHour,

I will start an event called - Pay It Forward Nashville! This will involve once a month events that target a person, family, or group of people that are deserving of something good in their lives! The chain reaction can change our city!

Kevin Buchanan

I resolve to teach my students at St. Scholastica about homelessness, its causes, and the remedies and solutions.

Richard Townsend

Recently I spent time with a friend that made me keenly aware that though people are “fine” they are often carrying emotions that are far but. It was a privilege to know this and my resolution this year is to be more empathetic to others.

Susan Feitelberg

I resolve to smile more, both at friends and strangers. We’re all at one of the best universities in the country and we have the world at our fingertips… and yet so many people walk around with a scowl. I resolve to spread love with a smile.


I resolve to work smart to build a community whose mission is to eradicate heart disease and strokes off the list of top killers in the world.

Joseph Varghese, Peer Success Circles

This year I am focusing outwards by donating 1% of my salary to charities that help marginalized women and children in developing and third world countries. Locally I am volunteering some time each week to assist in rehabilitating injured wildlife.

T’Anne Mills

Life is a gift I hope to not just live but dare to live it fully, with meaning. Create joy, memories, and share to the point of contagious while educating others on their beauty within. Appreciate the one commonality we all possess - diversity.

Emma Solky

To be understanding of people because everyone is fighting some kind of battle. Also, I’m going to be more intentional in appreciating people, and letting them know it.